Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ep 90- Tornados and Moms

~Welcome/ Intro/ Thanks!
April Winner: Stitchr
May Contest: Make May Flowers! Either plant flowers in your garden or craft flowers using your stash yarn and post photos on the Ravelry page! I want the page to explode with flowers!
~Sweater Forecast
The weather is beautiful! Mid 60s up to 80s this weekend!! Still chilly at night, so keep your sweater handy!
I finally blocked Cassidy! We'll see how long it takes me to seam it now...  I also knitted Aaron a hat, and have started on a second one! Really basic, good mindless knitting!
~CampKIP recap
Mellow, wonderful!  Got to experience my first tornado, (didn't actually get to see it but got to hide in a tornado shelter for a little bit!) and got to see friends!
Mother Earth News Fair! So excited! Also, probably be going to Black Sheep Gathering!
-Little Knits Super Spring Sale!
-KnitPicks Mother's Day Needle Sale!
~Tip Of the Week
Be a member of your community!  I've had some amazing opportunities come my way without looking for them, just because I know people! Get out there!
~Worth It
HappyGoLucky Sock yarn! 460 yards, $20, 75/25 Merino and Nylon! Super soft, colors beautiful, no knots and not splitty!  Totally worth it!
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