Thursday, February 25, 2010

Episode 8- Awesome!

~Welcome/ Into
   - Thank you to everyone who has sent suggestions and messages this week!
~ Contest: The contest is closed to entries, and open to voting!  Check out the Ravelry Group page to cast your vote!  I'll be closing the voting right before recording next week's show!
~ Knitting
   - I finished the Ravelympics Socks for my Gramma!  Just need to graft the second toe and weave in the ends!  Yay me!
   - I also started working on the Cabled Feather Cowl by Cindy Craig for a friend.  Knitted with KnitPicks Andean Treasure in the colorway Amethyst Heather.  This project will cost about $10 to make, as I am shortening the pattern by 2 lace repeats so that I will be able to knit it with 2 skeins instead of 3.
   - I've spun up about 1/4 oz of 50/50 merino/ tencel blend from Crown Mountain Farms in colorway Heather.  2 ounces cost $16, so I'll be getting about $.50 an hour for enjoyment!  Yay!
    Yarn/ Fibery sales
    - KnitPicks is having some amazing sales on their kits!  The "Design your first Sweater" Kit is only $14.99 right now, and comes with 15 balls of Wool of the Andes yarn!  That's only $1 per skein!  Get it soon before they run out!
   - Alpaca Direct has great deals on roving, yarns and other goodies, and they have a really cool Yarn Estimator, and some great spinning videos!  Check them out!
   - PetCareRX has better deals than 1800petmeds, and way better prices than your local vet or pet shop on all your pet medicines and health needs!  Free shipping on orders over $35!  Coupon Code at Checkout: GoogleClick
~ Tip of the Week:
   - Treat your savings account like a bill that needs to be paid, either every month or every paycheck.  Don't say "I'll pay my bills and put the leftover in my savings account," because we both know that nothing will end up in there.  Treat your savings account like a bill and budget it into your monthly costs!
~How I saved the week:
   - By being patient.  I ordered a book from Amazon that was backordered for 7 weeks.  I wanted to cancel the order and just buy it at a bookstore but I knew I'd end up paying more than twice as much!  I recently got my book and I saved over half!  Yay for patience!
~Worth It!
  Bernat Sox yarn
Acryllic/ Nylon blend, comes in 50 or 100 gm skeins.  the 100gm skeins are 5.99 a ball, 425 yds and can get 2 socks out of a skein.  The only con I can even think of from my perspective is that there is no wool content, but other than that, this yarn is awesome!  Not splitty, machine washable and dryable, colors are nice, no pooling, soft and super strong!  I made Aaron a pair a year ago, and he wears them all the time!  I didn't do any reinforcements, and the socks are holding up famously!  This is an awesome yarn!
~Contact Info:
Ravelry: Roue
Twitter: Roue0824
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Monday, February 15, 2010

Episode 7- Madrona!

~Intro/ Welcome!
~ Contest: In the Ravelry Group Page, share your Favorite Date, under $10!  Check out the contest thread and don't vote until after I lock up the thread!  You have until Feb. 25 to get your entry in!
~ Knitting:
   - Finished first cabled sock, and am now about halfway through the second one.
   - Started Ravelympic Project- Finished the first leg on first sock!
   - Knitted an AWESOME Superhero Mask with Stephanie Bryant, aka Mortaine at Madrona!  She is the author/ writer for the amazing knitting superhero comic, Handknit Heroes.
   - I finally finished my Sunset Fibers Corriedale sock yarn for my Ravelympics project!
   - I got a couple new spindles and some yummy fiber at Madrona, so look for some fun new spinning in near future episodes!
   -  40-50% off Bernat, Sugar N' Cream, and NY Yarns!  Free shipping over $75!
   - CSAs:  Community Supported Agriculture is a really cool way to get inexpensive, local produce and fiber!  Google CSA with your town name or zip code to find local farms near you!
~Tips of the week:
   - Review the "Cost per Use" factor when pondering whether to spend a little extra money on something nice.  If you spend less, and the item turns out to be poor quality, you are going to spend more overall by replacing it than you would have by spending a little more for a higher quality product in the first place!
   - Fiber Festivals:  Set yourself some rules and stick to them!  Set yourself a budget, and then use cash only, once you run out, you are done!  Also, bring a friend who might help you control yourself!  Don't bring the friend who will convince you to buy more!
~How I Saved the Week:
   - I was sick, so I didn't spend much but I got A LOT of use out of my Netflix account!  Definitely had a very low Cost per Use over the weekend when I had the plague!
~Worth It!
  - Productive Spindling by Amelia Garripoli
 Totally comprehensive.  Whether you are a new spinner or a seasoned spinner, you will find something useful in this book!
 Lots of photos and drawings!
 Really easy to read instructions, and great descriptions of every technique
 Fun stories and anecdotes
Some photos would be nicer in color, or larger with higher resolution
I think it would be better to come in hard bound, because I am going to get a LOT of use out of this book, and I don't want to have to replace it!
Overall: WORTH IT!
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Sunday, February 7, 2010

The plague

So, I've been crazy sick all weekend. Like, fever, headache, chills, achey, stuffy head and nose, sore throat and cough. Blah. However, I've gotten a lot more done than usual in my knitting, spinning and Netflix watching.
Knitting: finished one cabled sock and have now finished the leg, turned the heel and done gusset decreases on the second.
Spinning: filled the rest of the bobbin on the wheel.
Netflix: 3 episodes of "Legend of the Seeker," the entire first season (6 episodes) of "This American Life," a documentary about child prostitution called "Very Young Girls," and so far 7 of 10 episodes of David Attenborough's "The Life of Mammals."
Overall, I would say that Netflix is worth every penny of the $9 a month I spend on it, and I'm glad I finally get to report on some progress during the next posdcast! Even if it meant I've been sick all weekend! Hopefully your weekend has been as productive as mine!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Episode 6- Jampacked!

~ Welcome/ Intro!
     -I got a bad review on iTunes!  Hehe, I think it's kind of funny...
~Knitting: Not much new, just got a little more progress on my cabled socks
~Spinning: Still working on Sunset Fibers, and Merino/ Alpaca blend!
   - Peg, aka IrishCorp wins the January contest!
   - February contest:  Share your best date idea for under $10!  Prize: 2 skeins of Knit Picks Gloss HW in colorway Wine.
   - Yarn:
     - Knitting-warehouse  Great sales on knitting accessories!
     - Paradise Fibers Amazing prices on spinning fibers in the sale section!  Less than $2 an ounce for merino top, and less than $1.50 for Corrie top!
   - Elsewhere
     - ESmartTax Free tax preparation for basic through Liberty Tax Services.
~ Tips of the Week:
   - Aaron wanted you to know that he doesn't let the water run while he's in the shower, so his water time is less than 2 minutes!
   - Tip 1:  Find your local free box!
         - Libraries, colleges/ schools, co-ops
         - Colleges at the end of the quarter are awesome!  People throw so much stuff away!
   -Tip 2:  Use your library!  You pay taxes, so use it!
   - Tip from y'all: Contest runners up: Knitdesigns and MuzzerZ: Plan meals ahead of time and pay attention to what you have in your pantry!
~How I saved the week:
   - Nothing terribly interesting, just made my lunches and brought them to work, and made a couple of big batches of soup and put them in the freezer!
   - Check out the thread in the Ravelry group to see how I made my Easy Knitting Project Bags!
~ Worth It!
   - Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard
   - 22 patterns, list price $27.50
This isn't really a pro/con list, but more of an overview.  This is not a beginner book.  There is no "How to make a knit stitch" section, but there are some special techniques sections.  This book teaches you how to make garments that actually fit you, and how to alter your garments to fit you physically, or to add elements to make it more stylish.  There is a really cool tutorial on how to make a dress form cast of your body with an old t-shirt and some duct tape.  All the patterns are trendy and cute.
Overall: Worth it for those who want to learn how to design or customize their knits, but not for someone who wants to follow a pattern exactly.
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