Monday, February 15, 2010

Episode 7- Madrona!

~Intro/ Welcome!
~ Contest: In the Ravelry Group Page, share your Favorite Date, under $10!  Check out the contest thread and don't vote until after I lock up the thread!  You have until Feb. 25 to get your entry in!
~ Knitting:
   - Finished first cabled sock, and am now about halfway through the second one.
   - Started Ravelympic Project- Finished the first leg on first sock!
   - Knitted an AWESOME Superhero Mask with Stephanie Bryant, aka Mortaine at Madrona!  She is the author/ writer for the amazing knitting superhero comic, Handknit Heroes.
   - I finally finished my Sunset Fibers Corriedale sock yarn for my Ravelympics project!
   - I got a couple new spindles and some yummy fiber at Madrona, so look for some fun new spinning in near future episodes!
   -  40-50% off Bernat, Sugar N' Cream, and NY Yarns!  Free shipping over $75!
   - CSAs:  Community Supported Agriculture is a really cool way to get inexpensive, local produce and fiber!  Google CSA with your town name or zip code to find local farms near you!
~Tips of the week:
   - Review the "Cost per Use" factor when pondering whether to spend a little extra money on something nice.  If you spend less, and the item turns out to be poor quality, you are going to spend more overall by replacing it than you would have by spending a little more for a higher quality product in the first place!
   - Fiber Festivals:  Set yourself some rules and stick to them!  Set yourself a budget, and then use cash only, once you run out, you are done!  Also, bring a friend who might help you control yourself!  Don't bring the friend who will convince you to buy more!
~How I Saved the Week:
   - I was sick, so I didn't spend much but I got A LOT of use out of my Netflix account!  Definitely had a very low Cost per Use over the weekend when I had the plague!
~Worth It!
  - Productive Spindling by Amelia Garripoli
 Totally comprehensive.  Whether you are a new spinner or a seasoned spinner, you will find something useful in this book!
 Lots of photos and drawings!
 Really easy to read instructions, and great descriptions of every technique
 Fun stories and anecdotes
Some photos would be nicer in color, or larger with higher resolution
I think it would be better to come in hard bound, because I am going to get a LOT of use out of this book, and I don't want to have to replace it!
Overall: WORTH IT!
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