Sunday, February 7, 2010

The plague

So, I've been crazy sick all weekend. Like, fever, headache, chills, achey, stuffy head and nose, sore throat and cough. Blah. However, I've gotten a lot more done than usual in my knitting, spinning and Netflix watching.
Knitting: finished one cabled sock and have now finished the leg, turned the heel and done gusset decreases on the second.
Spinning: filled the rest of the bobbin on the wheel.
Netflix: 3 episodes of "Legend of the Seeker," the entire first season (6 episodes) of "This American Life," a documentary about child prostitution called "Very Young Girls," and so far 7 of 10 episodes of David Attenborough's "The Life of Mammals."
Overall, I would say that Netflix is worth every penny of the $9 a month I spend on it, and I'm glad I finally get to report on some progress during the next posdcast! Even if it meant I've been sick all weekend! Hopefully your weekend has been as productive as mine!

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