Saturday, March 27, 2010

Episode 11- Socks Rock!

~Welcome/ Intro:  I was sick and lost my voice last week so I'm still working on not sounding like a 13 year old boy...
~Contest:  The March contest thread is now locked, so go vote for your favorite!  Winner will be announced next week!
~ April Sock KAL
  You have 4 more days to get your materials and pattern picked out and swatched for the KAL for April!  Knit any pair of socks in any yarn and any size during the month of April and you will automatically be entered for a chance to win our mystery prize!  (I'll announce it next week in episode 12!)  FYI: JoAnn Fabrics has all their sock yarn on sale, buy one get one half off, and Knitpicks has all their Stroll Kettle Dyed sock yarn, 100g balls for only $6.99!  You only need one ball of that for an awesome pair of socks!
   -Finished the Cheshire Cat Legwarmers and Hat for my niece!

   - Finished my Purple Cabled Socks!

  I'm still working on the Wedding Shawl, and I started knitting a Sack Boy from Little Big Planet (I hate it).  I also cut my first successful steek, thanks to Itsjustmeghan from the Stitch It Podcast and her awesome tutorial!
~ Spinning: Still working on the merino/tencel and the corriedale for my cardi!

~Free Entertainment!
Some folks have asked what podcasts and podiobooks I listen to, so here is a list!
  - Stitch It Podcast (Meghan)
  - Kiping It Real (Jackie)
  - The Knitmore Girls (Jasmin and Gigi)
  - The High Fiber Diet Podcast (CoggieTM)
  - Fiber Beat (WonderMike)
  - BarkNKnit (Gnat)
  - KnitAJourney (Susan)
  - CogKnitive (Dr. Gemma)
  - Electric Sheep (Hoxton Handmade)
  - This American Life Podcast
Others I want to listen to:
  - Its A Purl, Man
  - Knit Misadventures
  - Savvy Girls Podcast
  - Sticks and String Podcast
Podiobooks I've listened to, enjoyed and recommend:
  - Nina Kimberly the Merciless by Christiana Ellis
  - Space Casey by Christiana Ellis
  - Ravenwood by Nathan Lowell
  - Shadowmagic by John Lenahan
  - How to Disappear Completely by Myke Bartlett  (Still listening to this one)
~Sales! has Fortissima Socka 100g balls for $9~ has sots of deals from 25% - 50% off socks yarns in all sizes and colors!
  - Elsewhere:
Snapfish is a free photo sharing site with unlimited photo storage, and if you sign up right now, you get 50 free photo prints with your first upload!
~Tip of the Week:
  Bring Your Own Bag: Lots of places give discounts, and some places charge if you don't!  Bring reusable bags when you are shopping to save the earth and save your money!
~How I saved the week:
  - Made 10 servings of chicken tortilla/ taco soup for about $10.
  - Signed up for Amazon Prime.  $80 yearly fee, but you get free, 2 day shipping on anything from  I spend over $100 a year on shipping from Amazon anyway, so I'll be saving!
~ DIY: Make your own sock blockers!  Check out an awesome tutorial here!
~Worth It!
#1:  The Little Box of Socks by Charlene Schurch and Beth Parrott
Retail: $19.95, 20 pattern cards
  - Patterns are written clearly
  - Beautiful color photos of each sock
  - Patterns are on easy cards to take along!
  - Lots of different styles!  Something for everyone!
  - Patterns use all ranges of skill and yarn size!
  - Sealed box, so you can't browse the patterns first to make sure you like them all.
  - For me, there are only about 4 patterns I want to make.
Overall: Worth it if a group of people went in together, because there really is something for everyone, for me though, not worth it because I don't want to knit most of the patterns in the box. (that might change, who knows?)

#2: Sock Innovation by Cookie A.
Retail: $22.95, 143 pages with 15 patterns
  - Beautiful color photos of each pattern from many angles
  - First 55 pages are all comprehensive instructions and tips on designing your own socks and patterns!
  - Great instructions on making socks that fit the foot they are for.
  - In my opinion, every pattern in beautiful and intriguing.
  - Patterns are well written and clear.
  - Not a beginner book.
  - Can be overwhelming for beginners, and even non- beginners!
Overall: for beginners, not worth it. For anyone who wants to design, or wants to get more involved with knitting socks and writing patterns,  totally worth it!  For me, yes because I want to knit every pattern in this book!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Episode 10- Tiny Boxes

~Welcome/ Intro
~ Contest:  Check out the Ravelry Group Page and share your best tip for "Going Green!"  Winner will receive 2 skeins of KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in colors Green Tea Heather and Avacado.
~Cheap Sock KAL:  Get your supplies and pattern ready!  We will be doing a Sock Knit-a-long during April!  Start and finish a pair of socks in April, and post the photos on the Ravelry boards and you will be entered in a drawing to win a mystery prize!
~ Knitting:
  - Not much done on Wedding Shawl
 - Did a little work on my Purple Cable socks, I will finish them before the April Sock KAL!
 - Knitting my 7 month old niece some awesome Cheshire Cat legwarmers!  The striping idea came from Brooklyn Tweed's Turn A Square hat!  He also has a great tutorial in that pattern on how to avoid that goofy little stripe jog when you are striping in the round!
~ Spinning:
  - Spun up some Valentine (pink shades) corriedale from Sunset Fibers to use in my Cheshire Cat legwarmers!
  - I decided I want to knit a cropped, short sleeved cardi, so I'm spinning some cream corrie/ merino for that!
~ Sales!
  Yarny/ fibery
   - Fiber2Yarn has some AMAZING deals on rovings and tops!  10-40% off yarns as well!
   - Since Easter is only a few weeks away, check out your local grocery stores for sales on Easter Egg dye and use it on your yarn!  It works great!
    - SavingsNut has great tools and tips for saving money in just about every aspect of your life!  Check it out!
~ Tip of the week:
Invest in a Neti Pot!  They are an amazing little pot you use to pour saline solution through your nose to clear out your sinuses!  It helps keep allergens out of your face and clear all the goo out too!  They usually run between $12 and $25, but I recommend getting one that you can put in the dishwasher!
~How I saved the week!
 - I used free TurboTax to do my taxes!
 - I bought some awesome Tul pens from Office Max for only $.40 each!  WOOHOO!
  ItsJustMeghan from the Stitch It! Podcast had an amazing tutorial on how to make your own Lazy Kate out of a shoebox and 6 knitting needles in her 13th episode!  Click here to see for yourself!
I made one!  Lookie!

~Worth It!
Pros: Very soft and lofty, very warm, comes in lots of vibrant colors, feels pretty sturdy, and great for felting.
Cons: Not machine washable, the ball was very tangly on the inside (ball it up before you knit with it), single ply isn't always as strong as multi- ply yarns.
**Overall: Medium worth.  I would probably buy it again, but I know it won't be useful for some projects.

Pros: Comes in lots of colors, both solid and self patterning, nylon makes the yarn strong, bamboo makes it shiny and pretty, not knotty or splitty.
Cons: Not machine washable.
Overall: Worth it!

Contact Info:
Ravelry: Roue
Twitter: Roue0824
If you like the show, please leave a review on iTunes!  I won't be doing a show next week, so use your knitcents while I'm gone!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Episode 9- Over 9,000!

~Welcome/ Intro:  The podcast has had over 10,000 downloads since I started! Thank you so much to everyone who has helped make that happen!  You guys rock!
~ Contest:  Connie, aka Maltesemama on Ravelry has won the February contest!
  March Contest:  Share your best tip for "Going Green."  Prize: 2 skeins of KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in colorways Green Tea Heather and Avacado.
Submit your tip by March 27, and we'll vote after that!
~ Knitting:  I finished my Ravelympics socks for my Gramma, and she LOVED them!
  I also finished my Cabled Feather Cowl, and it is on its way to Berlin right now!  Finally, I took my wedding shawl out of the time- out box, and have finished the first chart on it!
~Spinning:  I'm still working on my Merino/ Tencel-  LOVELY!  I also carded together some yak, baby alpaca, cashmere, camel and quiviut to make one wonderful uber luxury fiber!  I'm spinning on my Akha spindle, who needs a name!! Help?
  Yarn/ FIber
   - Pacific Wool and Fiber is offering 8 ounces of Corriedale Cross Top for $7.95!  AWESOME DEAL!
   - KnitPicks wants you to share the news about their new products!  Send an e-card from their website and they will enter you in a drawing to win a $50 gift certificate!
   - I've noticed a lot of auto repair shops are offering "tax time sales."  Since tax returns are coming back, now seems to be the best time to get any repairs needed on your vehicle!
~Tip of the Week:  Re-use your disposables!  Not everything!  Reuse salsa containers, yogurt containers and sandwich bags!  Just wash them out and let them dry!
~How I Saved the Week:  I paid off a loan, I saved $300 on airfare to Houston by knowing what airlines fly the cheapest to that airport, and I checked my "junk" email account and found a coupon for some free yogurt!  Yum!
~Worth It!
  Respect the Spindle by Abby Franquemont
This book is amazing!  Not only are all 135 pages jam packed with amazing information and beautiful photos, but there is a ton of technical information about the physics behind spinning!  All aspects of learning are addressed, so any type of learner can use this book effectively, and easily!
**Overall** WORTH IT!