Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ep 83- Lambs are here!

~Welcome/ Intro/ Thanks!
I announced the January winner (listen to find out!) and the Feb contest is to make a handmade Valentine for your sweetie, a friend, or yourself, and ONLY use things you already have! No purchase necessary! AND you MUST post photos either on Ravelry or send them to me in an email!!
~Sweater Forecast
Since I will be in the Monterey area of CA next week for the EcoFarm conference, the weather there will be in the mid 60s and sunny!
Finished all the Cassidy pieces, started new Daybreak, starting a sweater for our new nephew Krishna Aaron, and a handspun hat for Genevieve Knitmore!
~Sustainable Knowledge
We had 2 new baby lambs born today! Our first lambs for the season! I got to be the first one to see and hold them, I got to learn to milk a sheep and how to tube feed a lamb! It was thrilling and makes me want sheep even more now!
~Events: Madrona!
There will be a podcaster meetup on Saturday of Madrona! Please come say hello! In the rotunda outside the market after the classes are over in the afternoon!
WoolieEwe is clearing out their inventory!
WhiteIris is an indie dyer in my local area!
ClockworkCrow is a beautiful jewelry maker and has EXCELLENT customer service!
~Tip of the Week:
Keep batteries and blankets handy! Hear all about my adventures in the snow and without power!
~How I Saved the Week:
I finally bought one of my favorite movies, in a 2pack with one of Aaron's favorite movies, for the same price as one of them! YAY! Also, the local work clothes store is not going to carry women's Carrharts anymore so I got 3 pairs for the price of 1! YAY!
Granola Bar Recipe
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Monday, January 16, 2012

Peanut Butter Cup (of cocoa!)

Today at work, Amanda had Reese's cups on her desk. My resolve was strong and I did not eat ALL OF THEM (or any, for that matter.) As a reward, I am now drinking sugar free hot cocoa with peanut butter mixed into it, and it is AMAZING!  So amazing, I felt I should share!

Recipe: (thanks to Meghan for the base recipe)
1c. milk (or milk like product- soy, almond, coconut etc)
1-2 T baking cocoa (powder)
dash of salt
dash of vanilla
1/4 tsp hot water
1/2 tsp agave nectar or honey
1 T unsweetened peanut butter

Heat milk. Mix cocoa, salt, vanilla, water and agave together until it forms a syrup. Add to milk. Stir peanut butter into hot milk. Enjoy the most delicious and decadent hot cocoa you've ever had, guilt free!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ep 82- Officially A Grown Up

~Welcome/ Intro/ Thanks!
~Sweater Forecast:
Cassidy is SO CLOSE TO BEING DONE!  Also I made Aaron a rad workout sweatband!
I bound off the Earth and Sky shawl as a tiny little one, and will probably use the leftovers to make another Daybreak...
~Sustainable Knowledge:
People of earth burn 80 million barrels of oil a day! If you stacked those barrels, it would reach to the moon and back 2,000 times!!! Do your part to reduce that number!
Patternworks has a great bargain bin, and also a Test Drive program! Pretty cool!
Craftsy is a daily deals kind of site that is specific to crafters!!
Amazon has the Kindle Owner's Lending Library for Kindle owners who are also Prime members!
~Tip of the Week:
Used is awesome! I got a cookbook on Amazon used for $1.99! (Actually I got 3 of them!)  I also got some great new clothes at the thrift shop in town!! YAY!
~How I Saved:
Cookbook on the cheap, thrift shopping, free nail polish from Zoya, school books on Kindle!
~ Worth It:
Sweet and Sugar Free by Karen Burkie
I got my copy for $1.99, 200 recipes! All sweetened only with fruit or fruit juice! The 2 recipes I've made so far have been great! I LOVE IT!  I can have my cake and be sugar free at the same time!

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Stick around till the very end! I stuck a funny story on the end of the show!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Episode 81- Giving Up

~Welcome/ Intro/ Thanks!
Winners = ShielaOKeefe and BindeeJ! Congrats! Get in touch with me for your prize!
January Contest: Give up.  I'm giving up sugar AND shampoo and conditioner! What are you giving up for 2012?
~Sweater Forecast:
Warm and drizzly.  I WANT SNOW! WHERE IS MY WINTER?!
Cassidy is coming along NICELY! Almost done with the back, both sleeves, one front done! Hats for Hannah and Leighton
8.34 to date! Paper Chain!
Madrona is coming up in February! I'll be there!
  Calendar Of Hope
~Tip of the Week
Join co-ops and member owned stores! (REI)
~How I Saved the Week
Running shoes at REI, saved $25 because of dividend
~Worth It
How and Why: A DIY Guide
$14 by Microcosm Publishing
Bicycles, Home and gardening sections are great.  Homeschooling, musical instruments sections are okay, Everything Else isn't really very inclusive.
Overall, I might pay the $11 (low end of sliding scale) but probably not all $14.
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