Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ep 82- Officially A Grown Up

~Welcome/ Intro/ Thanks!
~Sweater Forecast:
Cassidy is SO CLOSE TO BEING DONE!  Also I made Aaron a rad workout sweatband!
I bound off the Earth and Sky shawl as a tiny little one, and will probably use the leftovers to make another Daybreak...
~Sustainable Knowledge:
People of earth burn 80 million barrels of oil a day! If you stacked those barrels, it would reach to the moon and back 2,000 times!!! Do your part to reduce that number!
Patternworks has a great bargain bin, and also a Test Drive program! Pretty cool!
Craftsy is a daily deals kind of site that is specific to crafters!!
Amazon has the Kindle Owner's Lending Library for Kindle owners who are also Prime members!
~Tip of the Week:
Used is awesome! I got a cookbook on Amazon used for $1.99! (Actually I got 3 of them!)  I also got some great new clothes at the thrift shop in town!! YAY!
~How I Saved:
Cookbook on the cheap, thrift shopping, free nail polish from Zoya, school books on Kindle!
~ Worth It:
Sweet and Sugar Free by Karen Burkie
I got my copy for $1.99, 200 recipes! All sweetened only with fruit or fruit juice! The 2 recipes I've made so far have been great! I LOVE IT!  I can have my cake and be sugar free at the same time!

~Contact Me!
Email: cleverroue (at) gmail (dot) com
Twitter: Roue0824
Ravelry: Roue

Stick around till the very end! I stuck a funny story on the end of the show!

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  1. I downloaded this podcast but haven't listened yet.

    I've decided that the sign of a grown up is if you buy toilet paper before you run out. Pretty simple, but many college students don't meet the requirement.