Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ep 40- Have your soup and eat it too!

I just realized I had 2 episode 39s!  Oops! Technically this is episode 41!
~Welcome/ Intro/ Thanks!
This week's show is brought to you by Audible! Get a free audiobook and sign up for a free trial here!
Congratulations to Ravelry for having 1,000,000 users!! I'm so glad to be a part of it!
Prize was generously donated by Neotigress on Etsy! She is donating 8oz of pindrafted corriedale roving and 2 sets of stitch markers!
  To enter, go to the KnitCents group page on Ravelry and share an idea for a handmade holiday gift that is fast, easy and inexpensive! The thread will be open until next Sunday, the 21st, and then we will vote until Sunday the 28th when I will reveal the winner!
~Sweater Forecast:
 Mid 40s to low 50s and RAIN! Definitely sweater weather! I think it will be sweater weather for a while! :)
~ Knitting:
I finished the Baby Cabled Raglan Cardi which turned out lovely! I'm really pleased with it and I think my sis will be too!  I've also been working on my Tappan Zee, which is coming along nicely! (though the photo is a bit blurry)
Haven't done a ton but just a bit on the Jacob fiber and some of the blues colors in the Sunset Fibers wool I started a couple of weeks ago!
~ Free Entertainment:
 Pandora A free streaming radio site that plays music you like!
~ Chicken update:
My chickens think it is a fun game to pull out all of Eva's feathers.  Help!
~ Sales!
   - JimmyBeansWool has lots of cotton yarns for around 40% off! They also have a few colors of Cascade Venezia for 49% off, and they have Debbie Bliss Pure Silk for 50% off!
   - LittleKnits has Seta Bella, a 100% silk yarn for 70% off! They also have Andes hand dyed for 70% off! Only $30 for a bag of 10 skeins, each skein is 100g and about 220 yards! That's a whole sweater's worth of yarn!
   -Elsewhere: Turkeys! We got a 17 pound turkey for under $5 at our grocery store the other day, and I know the other stores around have the same deal!
~Tip of the Week:
Its easier to add a little or upgrade than it is to make new! I had friends over for soup last night and when I worried there wouldn't be enough soup, I just added more potatoes and more broth and we had tons of leftovers!  I also have an apron that's seen better days, but instead of getting rid of it, I'm just going to clean it really well and replace the lace edging and it will be good as new!
~ How I Saved the Week:
I doubled up on coupons! I was bra shopping at Kohl's and I had a coupon for "$10 off a purchase of $20 or more" so I found a bra that was on sale for $22, used that coupon, then used the "15% off your entire purchase" coupon! I ended up getting a $40 bra for only $12 after tax! I WIN!
~Worth It!
Shepherd Baby Wool 4 ply
Discontinued but lots of people have it stashed for sale or trade on Ravelry for good prices!
50g, 180 yds 100% wool, machine washable, air dry.
I really liked knitting with this yarn! It wasn't splitty, there were no knots and it is super soft! Now that I've washed it, its even softer!  If you can find some, its worth it!
~Contact info:
Ravelry: Roue
Twitter: Roue0824
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