Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ep 59- Give When You Can

~Welcome, Intro, Thanks!
  - Audible: Click the link for a free 2 week trial AND a free audiobook download of your choice!
  - Bar Maids: Check out all their tasty scents and support an awesome small US business!
~Knitting/ Spinning:
Almost done with baby sweater #2 for cousin's twins!  Doing a cute heart lace pattern around the bottom edge!  Also finished spinning the second 8oz for my next HS sweater!  Will start final 8oz tonight and totally will finish by CampKIP!
~ Free Entertainment:
Caithness Craft Collective- An awesome podcast from a Scottish knitter! Louise is charming and fabulous! Check it out!
~ Tip of the Week:
Give when you can.  If you can't afford to give money, give time.  Volunteer at a local shelter, teach less privileged children a craft or read in senior centers!  Or of course, KNIT!
  -The Head to Toe Project
  - The Linus Project
  - The Mother Bear Project
~Sales! (Kind of)
  GoodStuff is donating $5 for EVERY pattern sold through April 7 to Japan Earthquake Relief! (Link to Ravelry, be sure you're signed in)
  Fiddle Knits Designs is donating 50% of pattern sales through March to Japan Earthquake Relief!
  OlgaJazzy is donating 85% of pattern sales to Japan Earthquake Relief through March 28!
  The Red Cross
  World Vision
~How I Saved the Week:
Pedicures at home with a friend instead of going out!!
~Worth It!
Alt Fiber by Shannon Okey
Retail $19.95, 25 patterns, 115 pages
I REALLY like the beginning section of this book!  I love the section about natural dyes, and I like that she covered more types of fiber than No Sheep For You did.  As far as patterns go, I don't think I would buy the book if it were just for the patterns, but I would definitely consider it for the info about natural dyes!!  Give it a look!!
~Contact Info:
Email me!! cleverroue (at) gmail (dot) com
Ravelry: Roue
Twitter: Roue0824
Thank you all so much for being the best listeners on the internet!!  Want a button? Click that button!!

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  1. Thanks to you I joined Downloaded a free NIV Bible - dramatized version. I've been listening to it every morning while walking the dog. It is so realistic, like you are right there! Can't wait to pick out the next selection. Thanks!