Monday, February 20, 2012

Ep 84- Recap, recap recap!

~Welcome/ Intro/ Thanks!
Heartmade Valentine!
~Sweater Forecast
Rainy and in the 40s
Finished Aaron's Honeymoon socks, knit a bear hat for Genevieve and CO a Citron Shawl for one of my teachers!
~Free Entertainment
Seattle Tilth Producers Master Composter Podcast
~Sustainable Knowledge
Toxic Compost
Madrona Recap
~ Sales!!!
  - Knitting Warehouse
  - Little Knits 
  - Amazon Warehouse Deals!
~ Tip of the Week
When you travel, share food!
~ How I spent the week!
Recap of my field trip, visit with the Knitmores, my newest addiction and just generally what I've been up to!
~Worth It!
Food Fight by Dan Imhoff

A really good overview of the Farm Bill and how it affects EVERYONE!  I'm reading it for class right now and I want everyone to read it!
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