Monday, April 2, 2012

Ep 88- No Foolin!

~Welcome/ Intro/ Thanks!
 -Amazon (click the link to the right!)
~Contest winner for Going Green announced!
New contest for April: April Foolin! Knit or crochet or craft something (using stash materials of course) that makes you laugh or smile!! Post pictures on the Ravelry page!
~Sweater Forecast
LAYERS! Lots of crazy weather in the area this week!
I frogged the socks I started for Aaron and will start them over! They were too big! Also started a new Citron shawl because the first one was so enjoyable!!
~Free Entertainment
Finally logged the Sudoku cache!!  And started a second one...
CampKIP is only 3 weeks away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I just broke the 90 mile mark in the 100 Miles to Camp challenge!!  Almost there!
 -Craftsy has yarn for 50% off this week!
 -Smiley's has yarn for $1!!
 -Kohl's has $.99 shipping this week!
~Tip of the Week
Keep Foolin!  Make yourself laugh, make yourself happy! I always notice that I spend less money when I'm in a good mood and feeling good about myself and my life, so if you can keep yourself happy, maybe that will work for you too!!
~How We Saved the Week
Our REI dividend came in and we used it to buy a slackline! Check out this cool video! This is definitely what I'm doing!! (not really, I'm still working on standing on it)
~Worth It
Thank you all for supporting the podcast and for supporting our sponsors!  I upgraded the recording software for the show, so let me know if you notice an improvement! I have noticed that the user interface is much easier to work with!
~Contact Me!
Email: cleverroue (at) gmail (dot) com
Ravelry: Roue
Twitter: RachelRoue
Thank you all for being the best listeners on the internet!

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