Sunday, August 1, 2010

Episode 27- A Daily Dose

~Welcome/ Intro/ Thank Yous!
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~Sponsor: Trickle Creek Farm and Fiber is donating a bar of goat's milk soap and some bubblin' bath salts to our lucky winner!
~Contest: Participate in the Tour de Sheep and post photos on the Ravelry Group!
~Knitting/ Spinning: I've been knitting the Brandywine (which I LOVE) and I've also been knitting a super secret project for my friend's birthday! I've also finished the first of the top down-toe up socks!  I talked a bit about how I did it!
~Free Entertainment: I've been listening to Podiobooks, I've finished the Heaven series by Mur Lafferty and started the Quarter Share series by Nathan Lowell.  Both really good!
~Garden Update: Had a bit of a setback- aphid infestation in some cabbages and lettuces, but we got them out and got some ladybugs.  Peas are yummy and cayenne peppers, and carrots and onions are almost ready to pull!  Eating lots of kale and blackberries and raspberries!
  -Twilight Knits on Etsy: Free shipping sale!
  - JAHtsemer on Etsy: Fiber Lottery!  Grab bags are 50% off!
  - TexasGirlDesigns on Etsy: has lavender sachets on sale- 3 for $12!
~Tip of the Week: Submitted by a listener, Read the fine print!  She was able to get free parking in her city because she drives a hybrid, and also was able to get tomatoes at 4# for 3.99 as opposed to 1# for 3.99 because she got them in a box instead of a bag!
~How I Saved the Week: We didn't do anything that cost any money!  We made meals at home and had fun making meals together!  As a birthday gift for someone, we made a pan of brownies instead of buying a gift!
~Worth IT!
Polworth from Sunset Fibers- $18 for 4oz- spun on my wheel
Super soft, easy to spin and the colors look amazing!
Merino, bamboo and silk blend from Sunset Fibers- spun on a spindle
Oh my gosh, spins like a dream!  $9 for 4oz
Cormo from Rainbow Yarns NW $20 for 4oz
OMG Cormo is my new favorite!
**Overall: All 3 totally worth it!
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Ravelry: Roue
Twitter: Roue0824
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