Sunday, July 18, 2010

Episode 26- Its All About Etsy!

~ Intro/ Welcome/ Thank You!
 Check out the new banner!  Thanks Kristine!  Buttons coming soon!
~ Sponsor: 
Trickle Creek Farm and Fiber is donating some of their wonderful goat's milk soap and some bubblin' bath salts!  They also have angora fiber for spinning!  Check them out!
~ Contest:
Come play with us in le Tour de Sheep! Post progress photos on the Ravelry page and be entered to win!
~ Knitting/ Spinning: 
Still working on the "Top down- Toe Up socks" and I LOVE IT!  This might be the new standard for sock knitting for me.  I ripped out the Brandywine that I started last week and restarted it with some yarn that is behaving much better.  I'm also working on a SUPER SECRET project for someone who listens to this podcast.  As for spinning, I've finished all the polwarth and its awesome!  Little bits of barber poleyness, and some bits of solid colors!  I think it will make something super squishy and nice!  I've got 3 bobbins full of 2 ply, but no clue on the yardage yet!  I think this will make me very happy to knit with come wintery cold time!  I also started spinning some cormo that I got from SpinPygora at Black Sheep!  CORMO IS THE BEST!  It is spinning up so fine and nice!  I think I'm going for a 3 ply sock weight!  We'll see what happens!
~Free Entertainment: I've been watching a lot of free Pokemon.  Don't make fun.
 -NeoTigress on Etsy has undyed corriedale top and MEGA CUTE stitch markers for sale in her shop!  If you use the coupon code "KnitCents" in the checkout message box, she will give you free shipping on your first order!  Also, after you've bought 4 pounds of fiber from her, she will send you your 5th pound free!  Awesome deals, especially if you like dyeing your own fiber!
-Old Sheep on Etsy is having a Buy 3 get 1 free sale in their shop!  They have lovely handdyed batts for sale, and everything is included in the sale! Check it out!
- AJoyfulGirlHandmade on Etsy sells SUPER RAD market bags and knitting project bags!  She's got several knitting project bags on sale in her shop right now for less than $6!  That is an awesome deal!  (this is Shilo from the Spin Control Podcast's shop- if you don't already listen to her show you should!)
~Tip of the Week:
Listen to lots of podcasts! I learn so much from listening to people talk all week!  The reason we podcast is because we have a lot to say, and most of it is pretty smart! (I'm of course talking about other people, we all know my rambling isn't always the smartest thing) Haha!  Anyways, I think that the global knowledge pool is growing every day because of awesome podcasters!
~How I Saved the Week:
I took short lunches all week instead of using up my paid time off for my Drs appt, and I taught my parents how to use PayPal in exchange for some fiber! Yay!
The Knitter's Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmerman
$7.95 (less if you get it used!)
Elizabeth Zimmerman is a genius.  I think I raved about her a couple episodes ago, but when I bought this book, I read it from cover to cover because she is such a genius.  Her logical way of thinking about knitting really shines in this book, and because the book is small and portable, you can take her genius in your knitting bag all year long! Overall: WORTH IT!
~Contact Info
Ravelry: Roue
Twitter: Roue0824
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