Sunday, July 11, 2010

Episode 24- Le Tour de Sheep

Hey everyone!  I want to get the shownotes for ep 25 done, and ep 24 wasn't that awesome anyway (sorry) so I'm just going to post important links!
Sponsor: Trickle Creek Rabbittry is donating a bar of their goat's milk soap and some of their bubblin' bath salts!  Check out their site, then email them at tricklecreek(at)comcast(dot)net!
Contest:  Play with us in the Tour de Fleece (or Tour de Sheep, as Aaron keeps calling it!) Then post pictures in the Rav group!
Free Entertainment: Check out me being interviewed by Susan in the latest episode of Knitajourney Podcast!
Sales: Four Seasons Knitting is closing so everything is on sale!
Check out the Ravelry Group: Yarn Sales!
Borders Marketplace has tons of new and used books up to 90% off!
Tip of the Week:  Keep track of your shopping trip while you are shopping with the use of paper and calculator or a sweet iPhone app!  You'll know exactly how much you owe when you get to the counter and it'll be easier to stick to your budget!
How I Saved the Week:
I bought the wedding planning books I've been wanting for super cheap on Amazon!  Yay!
Worth It!
Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmerman.
This woman was a complete genius.  Every knitter should be required to read this book because it will make you a better knitter.  Enough Said.

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