Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ep. 36- Laugh until you cry

~Welcome/ Intro
~Last month's contest winner:
 TeamMom aka Tera!  Congrats!
~October Contest:
 Share a recipe for delicious hot drinks! It will help warm the chill out of your bones faster than turning on the heater!
   Contest prize: A Longaberger basket donated by Paula of the Knitting Pipeline Podcast!
~Sweater Forecast: A new segment, where I tell you if its sweater weather or not!  This week: No.
~ Knitting:
Finished the first of the cabled wristers, and started a Cabled Raglan Baby Sweater for my sister's little girl!  I also bought an awesome button for it! Yay!
 I published the TDTU pattern!  Search TDTU on Ravelry to find it!
I've actually been doing some!  I'm going to spin 3 different colors together and knit the Tappan Zee!
~Free Entertainment:
Knit Knit Cafe with Abby and Ben- Super fun!
The Knit Wits with Carin and Rick- hilarious!!!
~ Garden:
We canned 7 jars of salsa using tomatoes from our garden!
~ Sales!
   - KnitPicks book sale! All books are 40% off!
   - Webs Grampa's Garage Sale! Tons of yarn for over 50% off!
   - Madrona published the Overview!  Lots of free events and demos! Come to the PNW!
~Tip of the Week:
Laugh until it hurts!  I've noticed that I am less inclined to make an impulse purchase if I'm feeling really good, so do something that makes you really happy and laugh until you cry!
~How I Saved the Week:
  I made salsa instead of buying it, made muffins and tea instead of going out to a coffee shop and used free yarn to make a cute sweater!
~ Worth It!
 The Expectant Knitter by Marie Connolly
Retail: $27.50, 30 patterns
I like the patterns, lots of top down seamless stuff, lots of really practical baby things and the patterns are well written and the photos are lovely.
HOWEVER: The author inserts MEDICAL ADVICE into the book, which is absolutely inappropriate.  If it was just a book of patterns, it would totally be worth it, but as it is, I would not buy it.  A library book for sure.
~Contact Info:
Ravelry: Roue
Twitter: Roue0824


  1. Hot Buttered Pineapple Recipe

    1 can (48 ounce size) pineapple juice
    2/3 cup orange juice
    2 tablespoons butter or margarine
    2 teaspoons packed brown sugar
    4 (3-inch size) sticks cinnamon


    Combine all ingredients in large saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer 20 minutes. Remove cinnamon sticks and serve hot.

    It Serves 5

    Hope you like it!

    Stephanie Lewis
    Ravelry- hotpinksocks

  2. So I could not only post one, how do you pick! This is my fav.Hot Chocolate!

    Hot Peppermint Patty Cocktail

    Grab your favorite mug and add 1 oz of Peppermint Schnapps, 1/2 oz of Dark Creme de Cacao, and 1 tsp White Creme de Menthe. Fill the rest of your mug with your favorite Hot Chocolate and top it off with Whipped Cream and garnish with Chocolate Sprinkles.

  3. I think you might be over-worrying about what you call medical advice. It's just having a baby, not surgery, and the advice is readily available. In fact, more than readily, as pregnancy seems to be something that everyone has an opinion on that they'd like to share. I give out pregnancy advice all the time and I'm not a doctor. I have however had two babies and think this qualifies me to comment. Maybe the author has had loads of kids herself. I think the book sounds fun!