Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ep 39- Sharing is Caring

~Welcome/ Intro (Sorry about the neighbor's dog barking in the background!!!)
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~Contest Sponsor
  -Paula of the Knitting Pipeline Podcast is donating a Longaberger basket!
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~ Sweater forecast:
  Cold and rainy means sweaters all week! :D
~ Knitting:
Finished the practice wedding shawl, and got a pretty wedding dress!  I gave the practice shawl to my mom, and asked her to wear it for the wedding so we can kind of match and she loved it!  Worked a bit each on the baby sweater, socks and am currently swatching for the Cassidy cardigan for the Knitmore KAL!
Finished the spinning for the Tappan Zee cardigan!  Yarn is now drying after being set last night! Can't wait to start knitting it!
~ Free Entertainment:
Yarnings Podcast with my awesome friend Kristine (with a K) is a new show!! She is fantastic, give her a listen!
~ Sales!
   - JoAnn Fabrics is having an online sale through the end of October where ALL their yarn is 25% off!
   - Shipwreck Beads is having a sale through the end of October on over 7300 different beads including seed beads and some Swarovsky Crystals!
~Tip of the Week:
Sharing is Caring- My mom and I are sharing a set of crochet hooks because I wanted the tiny ones and not the bigger ones, and she wanted to bigger ones and not the tiny ones so we shared
~ How I Saved the Week:
The wedding dress I picked out (Alfred Angelo Style 2100 if you want to check it out) is awesome!  The dress on the rack fit me perfectly, there was NOTHING wrong with it, the color is perfect so we got the one off the rack!  Because a few people have tried it on, we got a 15% discount on it! Yay!
~ Worth It!
Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool
Retail: $9.99  8 oz, 465 yards of heavy worsted/ aran weight  100% wool with lanolin
I LOVE IT!  Softens a ton when you wash it, I've never found a knot (I've knit with this a lot).  Takes dye really well, and most importantly, it is such an awesome value!  Its a really good workhorse yarn and I love it!
~Contact Info:
Email me!
Ravelry: Roue
Twitter: Roue0824


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  1. Hi Rachel, love your podcast! I'm in Seattle so it's fun to hear some local content. Just noted that the Joann's sale is not all yarn, it shows Lion Brand yarn 25% off, some others are reduced too but not all (checked Bernat). Thanks and I'm going to try and find a picture of your wedding dress!