Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ep 44- Trials and Timers

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~ Sweater Forecast:
Mid to low 40's with rain this week!  Another week of light sweaters and cardigans!
~ Knitting:
I finished the Tappan Zee and I totally rock it with all its little quirks!
I also am almost done with the handspun baby hat for Leighton!
Spun the first 2.5 oz for my next hs cardigan!! Super pretty!
I also finished weaving 5 little wash cloths/ burp cloths for Leighton!  yay for finishing things!
~Free Entertainment:
Just One More Row Podcast with Brittany and Dana!  I love it! Check it out!
~ Camp KIP:
An awesome knitting retreat hosted by Jackie of KIPing it Real! Visit her Ravelry group for more details!! I'll be there if I can raise enough money to get there!!
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~Tip of the Week:
Set a timer! When you sign up for a free trial where you have to provide your credit card number, set a timer or reminder to remind yourself to cancel the trial before they charge your card! If you decide to keep it, then ignore the reminder, but if you don't want to be charged, make sure to use the reminder!! Its a good idea to set the reminder for one day before the trial will end so you don't get charged because you're too late!
~How I Saved the Week:
I used functional gifts as decorations for the baby shower! (of course I forgot to take a picture) but I bought a baby bathtub (inflatable ducky) and used it as a punch bowl!  I made awesome bubble bath punch in it and it was super cute!  not only did I get a super cute decoration for the shower, but it is something that my sister will be able to use to bathe her baby in!
Bubble bath punch! 1 carton of light colored sherbet (I use lime) and 3 2-L bottles of clear, caffeine free soda!  Scoop the sherbet into the punch bowl (or baby bathtub) and dump the soda on top!  The bubbles foam up to big fluffy bubbles and it looks like bubble bath!! Also, it is super delicious!
~ Worth It!
The Intentional Spinner by Judith MacKenzie McCuin
Retail: 26.95  150 pages, published by Interweave Press
My thoughts: This book is amazing.  JMM definitely demonstrates her vast depth, breadth and wealth of knowledge about spinning and fiber in this book! From the science of the fiber to the way it takes dye, to many techniques for spinning, plying and making art yarns! There are 4 projects to spin for, and great instructions for caring for your handspun and handmade items!!  Overall, I would say this would be an awesome "Only" book for a spinner, meaning if you only had one spinning book, this would be a great one!!  This would be a little overwhelming for a brand new spinner, but with a little help from a friend could be the perfect spinning guide!  Totally worth it!
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