Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Free Will (And Other Compulsions)

I just finished reading Free Will (And Other Compulsions) by J. Daniel Sawyer.  This is the sequel to Predestination (And Other Games of Chance), which I listened to through Podiobooks.com and fell in love.  Dan writes to an intelligent audience without sounding arrogant or pretentious.  The story is compelling, interesting and thoughtful, and provokes internal reflection, but is also easy to read.  There were several times this book provoked an outward reaction ("WHAT THE WHAT??!!?!" or "Dan you are a TWISTED MAN!!" or "OMFG I LOVE THESE CHARACTERS!").  The character development is very strong, and the skill with which Dan knits the varying stories together is phenomenal.  I would recommend this book to anyone with an interest in science fiction, drama, adventure, fantasy, reality, political intrigue, crime syndicates or romance.  Somehow, J. Daniel Sawyer has pulled it all off. I couldn't recommend this book any more!  It is at the top of my "Best Fiction I read in 2011" list, and if you read it, you will understand why!

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