Monday, October 10, 2011

Ep 76- 2 Out of 3 Aint Bad

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~Welcome/ Intro/ Thanks!
  -Audible: Download a FREE audiobook of your choice by following the link!
  -Bar-Maids: Follow the link (and your nose) to their site where you can check out all their amazing skin care products and scents!
September winner announced, you'll have to listen to find out!
October Contest:
Pumpkin!  Share your favorite use for pumpkin!!!
~Sweater Forecast:
Mid 50s, low 40s.  LAYERS LAYERS LAYERS!!
~ Knitting/ Spinning:
Finished knitting the Age of Kreplits and Rainbows Shawl in about 4 days! YAY for instant gratification!! I did it as a SAL/KAL with Amy Toadyjoe of the Outlier Podcast! See hers here!
Also, I started spinning for Aaron's sweater! I'm using a modified long draw to keep the yarn lofty, but make it a little denser so that is shows off the cables in the pattern! I'm so excited!
~Sustainable Knowledge
The US spends less on food and more on medicine than any other country in the world.  On average, Americans spend about 10% of their income on food, while on average Europeans spend about 30%!
- RoyalYarns has TONS of yarns, books, and accessories on sale! Scroll to the bottom side bar and check out the "sort by price" category!
 - Sears has chest freezers on sale! Buy in bulk, stock up for the winter!
~Tip of the Week:
Know where your food comes from! Go visit a farm or farmer's market and meet some farmers!! Buy directly from them so that there is less markup for the "middle man" and the farmer gets a higher percentage of what they worked so hard to grow!
~ Worth It!
Continuous Cables by Melissa Leapman

Things I love: I love the tutorials on cabling with and without a cable needle, I love the design workshop tutorials, I love the chart reading tutorials!!  I also love the stitch dictionary!  I am not excited about the patterns so much.  I encourage you to check out the book from your local library!!
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  1. Hi Rachel-just wanted say hi, and thank you for the audio Yoga! When my baby kicks me awake at 4 am, I now have something to do besides knit while watching infomercials. I keep modifying poses to make up for the increasing belly size and I feel slightly off center at times, but staying flexible helps with pregnancy aches and pains. 6 more weeks to go! Melissa