Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ep 87- Busted!

~Welcome/ Intro/ Thanks!
Going Green! Post photos in the Ravelry Group to enter!
~Sweater Forecast
Rainy and 40s. Keep your sweater about you!
I gave my teacher her Citron Shawl! She LOVED IT!  I've also been working on a pair of socks for Aaron! I'm thinking I'll start another Citron for myself!
~Free Entertainment
Sudoku update: Still not done. -_-
CampKIP is only one month away!! OMG!  Also, I'm just over 80 miles for 100 miles to camp! WOOHOO
FiberCraft Studio has a sale on their lamb and hedgehog kits!
Herrschner's has a weekly sale AND a bargain section! Check them both out!
~Tip of the Week
Generics!  Aaron BUSTED his knee open and needed 5 stitches today!  I bought generic first aid supplies because they are EXACTLY the same as the name brand, but for about 30% of the price!
~How I Saved the Week
Spring cleaning! Got rid of some old stuff we didn't need AND found a bunch of stuff I DO need and thought I would have to buy, like notebooks and post-its for school! HOORAY!
~Worth It
Zombies, Run! iPhone app! $7.99 in the app store, so much fun! If you have an iPhone (or android soon) and you want to do some running, this is a great, interactive game to try!
Totally worth it!
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  1. I love listening to your podcast. You always have such a fresh and fun outlook on knitting, school, life. Thanks!
    Regarding wound care, I don't recommend using hydrogen peroxide (or
    betadine either) on healing skin. It is really hard on the new skin and can
    delay healing. Use gentle soap and water. :- ) (PS - I am a physician
    assistant in an emergency department and suture lots of cuts, etc)