Monday, January 4, 2010

Episode 2- Food Shownotes!

~Welcome, happy new year!
-Sunset Fibers
~What I'm knitting
- I finished Molly's Headband and I am now working on the Easy Baby Cardigan by Diane Soucy.
- I'm using Lion Brand Wool Ease, which I bought on sale for 1.99 a skein! Each skein is 197 yards so each yard costs about 1 penny! The pattern calls for 385 yards (I'm not going to need that much) so the project will cost under $4 to make! I'm hoping to have time to make at hat and socks to go with, and it will still only cost less than $10!
~What I'm spinning
-Still working on the Sunset Fibers Corriedale for my Gramma's socks. Just finished a navajo 3 ply last night, haven't yet skeined it to find out the yardage I've gotten out of it!
-Go to the Ravelry Knit Cents group page and tell us your Best Money Saving Tip in the Kitchen!
-Contest winner will receive 4 oz of hand-dyed, pindrafted roving from Sunset Fibers in the colorway of your choice, or 200 yards of millspun yarn in the colorway of your choice! Check out Sunset Fibers to see all the color options! We will leave the thread open until Jan. 25, then I will close it for a week so we can vote for our favorites! The winner will be announced on Feb. 1!
*Yarn Sales
-JoAnn stores and have every single skein of yarn on sale! has a lot of laceweight and fingering weight yarn on sale! Perfect for stocking up for summer projects!
-Check out It is a grocery delivery company, and they have free shipping with no minimum purchase, they automatically find all manufacturer's coupons for items in your purchase and apply them, and they guarantee the best prices!

~Tip of the Week!
-Eat In Instead
We always make our own Chinese food from options at Trader Joe's, and we can usually get 4 meals (dinner for both of us, and lunch for both of us the next day) for about $6.
-We buy:
*Trader Joe's Mandarin Orange Chicken- $4.99/ bag
*Trader Joe's General Tso's Stir Fry Sauce- $2.49/ bottle
* Steamed White Rice- $5.99 for a 10 lb bag
*Frozen mixed veggies- $ 1.99 on sale for 1 lb bag
-We cook all the chicken, use half the orange sauce, and half the GTC sauce on the chicken so we have 2 different kinds, and cook the rice and steam the veggies. Overall, it costs about $1.50 per serving!
-If we were to buy this same meal and have it delivered from the local Chinese food restaurant, it would cost about $40, for all the food, tax, delivery fee and a tip! That's about $10 per serving!
~DIY Section!
-Add your own toppings! We occasionally get pizza from Papa Murphy's (which is a take-and-bake pizza chain). We will order a family size pepperoni pizza ($9.99) and use a $2 coupon (which makes it $7.99) and then take it home and add all our own toppings before we bake it! If we were to add those toppings at the pizza shop, it would cost $1 per topping ($.50 for smaller pizzas) and it would end up being 5-7 dollars more! (We like a lot of veggies) Instead, we add our own at home! The extra bonus of having a lot of toppings is that you don't eat as many slices, because there is more food on your slice so you get full faster, leaving you more leftovers for the next day!
~Worth it!
What I reviewed:
*Williams Sonoma Bread Cookbook
-All the recipes look AMAZING!
- Everything I have made so far has tasted wonderful
- Beautiful photos of each recipe
- Only $16.95 retail, I used a coupon, Amazon has it for $12!
- Instructions are easy to follow
- There are lots of varieties of breads, so you don't need different books for sandwich breads, and dinner breads and muffins! They are all here!
- Most recipes require a heavy duty mixer (like a Kitchenaid) and don't give other directions if you don't have one
- Most recipes require lots of different types of flour, instead of all using "all purpose flour" so the different flours might add up to being kind of expensive
- Some recipes require a lot of ingredients that most people don't always just have, so you might have to make a special trip for the extra ingredients.
**Overall** Worth it!

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  1. I did not know that Trader Joes sold Orange Chicken kits and the General Tso sauce. Sweet!

    Great show, Rachel!