Saturday, May 1, 2010

Episode 16- Surprise!!!

~Welcome/ Intro and News!
News: There is now a Donate button at the bottom of the page!  If you are interested in donating, please do!  The donations will go toward supporting the hosting fees for the show!
~ KAL April Contest!!
The winner of the KAL was announced in the show.  I don't want to spoil it here, so go listen to see if you won!!!  MUAHAHAHA teaser!!!
~ May Contest and Sponsorships
Sponsor: Laura's Organics is generously donating a jar of her AMAZING hand cream!  It soaks in really well and is soooooooo fantastic!  Whoever wins this will be totally spoiled!
Contest:  What are we doing?  We are doing a Learn-a-long! (LAL)  When I was learning about composting, I realized what this month's contest would be.  I taught myself something that is saving me money.  Now, you do the same!  It doesn't have to have anything to do with knitting, just teach yourself anything that will help you save money!  Then, share your experience with the group,  either by posting in the Ravelry group, sharing in the comments thread, sending me an email, or sending us a link to your personal blog!  Have your info all up by the show on June 5!
~Knitting/ Spinning!!
I've gotten a lot done on my Monkey Socks, out of the Knit Picks Stroll in the colorway Bordeaux, hopefully I'll finish in time for Mother's Day for my mommy!
I've also gotten some more done on my Bumbling Podcaster socks, out of the Gypsy colorway mill spun yarn from Sunset Fibers!  Finished the cuff and leg last night!
Finally, I've gotten a little more done on my Simple Knitted Bodice, by Stephanie Japel.
For spinning, sadly, I haven't gotten anything done.  If I get a lot done on my Monkeys tonight, though, I'll be spinning a bunch tomorrow!
~Free Entertainment!
2 new shows this week that I got addicted to!
- Spin Control with Shilo
 - Brass Needles with Miss Kalendar
 Fibery/Yarn sales
-Angora Valley has some awesome coned yarns, $14-$20 for 3lbs of yarn!!!
 - Paradise Fibers also has some really nice coned yarns, 1lb for $14-$35!  They also have loads of stuff in their clearance and bargain sections!
 - Gurney's Seeds and Plants has really great prices and they have a deal right now which is if you buy $50 worth of plants and products, you can receive $25 worth of free product!
~Tip of the Week
Look elsewhere.  If you are shopping in a large store, try to think if there is another department you can find things in.  For example, those wonderful microfiber cleaning cloths cost about $8 for 4 cloths in the cleaning section.  If you wander over to the auto care section, you can get a bag of 20 of the SAME cloths for $8.  Another example was gardening gloves.  In the garden section, those lovely dipped gloves that are super nice cost about $12.99 for one pair, but if you go to the hardware section, you can get 3 pairs for $9.99!  Try to think if there is another area in the store that you can find your item!
~ How I Saved the Week!
I was able to find a fiddle music book on Amazon for half the price from the music shop, and it got here 5 days faster than it would have at the music shop!
~ Worth it!
Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy D Johnson
Retail: $22.99, 23 patterns
-Beautiful color photos of each pattern
- The explanation section of how to make your socks fit is REALLY good!
- 5 different options for toes
- 3 different options for heels
 - 4 different bind-offs
 - 3 different vanilla patterns to test
 - I want to knit my way through this whole book because all the patterns are awesome.
- Not much support for DPN users.  Only 2 patterns written specifically for DPNs without having to change math or figuring some stuff out myself.
- All the lace and cable patterns are only charted, not written out line by line, so if you aren't comfortable with charts, this might be a little more difficult.
- Some of the socks in the book would have benefitted by having photos in more than one yarn.  A few of the patterns were a little bit hard to see because the yarn was a little too busy.
Overall: Worth it!  This is the book I'll be using for my LAL!
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