Monday, May 31, 2010

Episode 19- Productive Week

~Welcome/ Intro/ Thank yous!
~ Sponsor: Laura's Organics  Check out all her info and email her if you'd like to order!  She has donated a jar of her amazing Hand Cream to the contest this month!
~Contest: LAL!  Learn something new that will help you save money and tell us all about it!  Either leave a comment, send me an email, or post your info on the Ravelry Group page!
~Knitting: Working on the chevron lace pattern on my Simple Knitted Bodice, going much faster now that its joined in the round!
  Finished the first toe and foot of toe up sock!
  Turned heel and started gusset decreases on Regia stripes vanilla sock!
~Spinning: Still spinning polwarth!  Its awesome and its taking  a long time to spin!
~Free Entertainment: The Anatomy of Knitting Podcast by Erin!  Check it out, its awesome!
~The Garden: Everything is planted and netted and there's still a little room!
  Yarnish sales:
    - Webs: has tons of mill ends and closeouts for 40-60% off!
    - Simply Sock Yarn has an awesome clearance section!  Cascade Sassy Stripes is regularly %6.75, but now only $2.70!
    -Zenni Optical is an awesome site where you can order glasses!  As little as 9$ (plus shipping) will get you a new pair of glasses!  Cute frames, and the extras aren't terribly expensive either!
~Tip of the week: Get Medieval!  Decide if there are things that you can do without electricity, and do it by hand!  Line dry, use a countertop clothes spinner, or let your hair air dry!  It'll save a little more energy!
~How I Saved the Week:
I finally joined our local CSA!  I can't wait for more fruits and veggies than I could ever eat!  YUM!
~Worth It!
  The Knitter's Book of Wool by Clara Parks
Retail: $30 (amazon has it for $20)
First section: Anatomy of wool
2nd section: Explanation of how wool becomes yarn (spinning) and how different wools take dye
3rd section: Explanation of breeds of sheep and categories they fit into.
4th section: Explanation of blending fibers for different purposes.
5th section: PATTERNS!  :)
I want to make everything in the book, and I feel it is very valuable to know the different breeds and how their wool is different!  Overall: WORTH IT!
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