Monday, May 31, 2010

Episode 20- Summer Is Coming!

~Intro/ Welcome/ Thank you!
~ Sponsor: Laura's Organics has donated a jar of her Hand Cream!  SO WONDERFUL!
~Contest: LAL!  Last week to teach yourself something new that will help save you some money!  Share info by leaving a comment, posting on the Ravelry Thread or send me an email!
~ EVENT:  I'm going to the Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene OR!  June 18-20th, I'll be there!  I'll be doing a meetup including loads of hugs and high-fives on Saturday from 12-1 with Erin from The Anatomy of Knitting Podcast!  Info on where we will be next week!  If you'll be there, let me know so we can meet!
~ Knitting: My sweater is almost done!  I'm just doing the bottom of the body now, and the sleeves are only elbow length and they are already halfway done (because of the raglan) so I'm almost done!  Yay!
  Regia socks: FInished the first one, haven't cast on the second one yet.
  Toe Up Socks: I need to rip back and try a different heel.  I don't like the way the W&T short row heel turned out.
~Spinning: Not much, just a little on the merino/tencel on my spindle!
Yarnish sales actually sells yarn!  They have good prices, but really good deals on buttons and of course fabric!  Also, free shipping on orders over $35!
  -DBNY has AMAZING prices by the bag!  Bags that would normally cost $110 only cost $40!  Check it out!
 -Check out all the post Memorial Day sales!  A lot of places will stock up, and then keep the inventory on sale to make room for other stuff!
~Garden Update:
My seeds are sprouting and they are getting really big!  Beans and peas are almost 2" already!  Yay!
~Tip of the week: Use your email!  Or set up a spare email to give out to mailing lists and websites.  They will send you coupons, advanced notice of sales and they will let you know when they are running contests!  Its free and easy, just take a few minutes to go through it and you'll find lots of great stuff!
~How I Saved the Week:  Clearance racks and secondhand stores!  I bought a $3 sweater vest from the little boy's section at Target and I totally rock it!
Best BBQ Burgers EVER!!!
1 lb of ground beef or turkey (if you use turkey, also add about 2 T of flour to the mix)
1/2 c. of bread crumbs (I like the Progresso Italian crumbs)
1 egg
1 T of Worchestershire sauce OR 1 tsp of liquid smoke
1/2 c. of your favorite cheese, shredded
3-4 crimini mushrooms, chopped finely
about 2 T of ketchup
garlic salt, black pepper to taste
Rolls or buns
your favorite burger toppings

Mix all ingredients but toppings and buns in a large bowl and mix with your hands!  Mix it all together really well!  Divide evenly (4-6 patties depending on size) and press into patties.  Cook until done all the way through, then serve on the roll with your favorite toppings!  Enjoy!  YUM!
~Worth It!
Start Spinning by Maggie Casey
Retail $21.95 115 pages
Maggie does an amazing job explaining each piece of spinning so you understand it before you start doing it!  She explains all the different skills and teaches really well to all learning styles.  Each technique is accompanied by a full color photo showing exactly how it should be done!
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  1. Start Knitting is the book my spinning teacher gives as part of the class materials. It was great and helpful, though the video is great too. with all it's little bonus material on other fibers and spinning worsted and woolen.