Friday, December 11, 2009

Money saving tip #1: Turn down the heat!

If you live somewhere that requires heaters and furnaces during the winter, this one will help. Turn your thermostat down by 3 degrees. Its not a lot, but last month I did this and saved almost $16 through the month on my power bill! I decided this month to turn it down 2 more degrees, so I'll report back next month when I get my bill. I keep the heater at 60 degrees when I'm sleeping, not home or am up moving around and doing things, and 65 when I am sitting on the couch watching TV and knitting or spinning. I wear sweaters and warm socks all the time, and occasionally a hat inside my house but I am saving money on my power bill! Try it out!

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  1. Hi Roue, I saw you on the Stitch-it group. I see you are in Olympia. I have a sister in Tumwater. She knits, but is currently more into quilting. She took me to a yarn/fabric store in Olympia--something corners?

    We keep our heat at 60 at night and 63 in the day-time, but we live in an old house with hot-water radiators so the actual heat varies from 61 to 66 throughout the day and night.

    Anyway good luck with your new blog and possible podcast.

    Ceci (in Duluth, MN, whre it is currenty about 6F outside)