Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tip # 4: Join the club!

I know it seems like a total pain to have the "club card" for every store you ever go to, but taking the time to sign up for the free card will make a difference. Most stores will only give you the sale price if you are a member of their super secret free club. Usually the only info you need to give is a phone number, but if you throw in your email address, sometimes they will send you extra coupons! If you give them your home address, you'll often find out about sales in the store, and then you can make your shopping lists based on what's on sale! If there are places you go often that have punch cards, use them! You might not get a discount, but there is usually some kind of "Buy some get one free!" deal in there! Even if you are just passing through a town that you'll never go to again, and you'll never shop at that store again, don't you think that 30 seconds of your time is worth saving a few extra bucks? I do.

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