Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tip # 10: Find a Group!

This can relate to just about any type of hobby you enjoy doing! Find a group of people that enjoy doing the same thing you do! I know that at least once a month, someone in my knitting group cleans out their stash and brings their extras to give away! If you make friends with the people in your group, they will probably offer help and allow you to borrow their stuff so you don't have to spend the money on your own! This can work with any type of craft group: quilting, scrapbooking, wood carving. People who love their craft will always be willing to share their knowledge, and maybe even their stuff! If you are new at your hobby, this is especially important. I know too many new knitters who don't want to join a knitting group because they think their work isn't good enough to show off, but new people usually get the most help, and we all want to give our stuff to people who don't have a lot of stuff!! Find out when and where the group you are interested in meets and go! If there isn't a group already, form one! You'll meet new friends as a bonus!

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