Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tip # 7: Shop the Stash

I know it might sound really obvious, but if you've ever knitted anything before, likely you have at least some kind of stash. Even if you aren't a "stasher" (do those people exist?) I'm sure you have leftover odds and ends from other projects. You can turn those leftover bits into awesome projects! If you only have tiny bits, those could become stripes in hats or scarves! If you have a little more, make small projects! Dishcloths, coffee cup cozies, and small toys are all fun and satisfying projects that can be finished quickly with only a small amount of yarn! (The turtle in the photo only used about 40 yards of stash yarn!) If you have yarn you bought a long time ago, and your tastes have changed since you got it, set up a trade! See if there is someone out there that wants the yarn you have, and has the yarn you want! If they don't have what you want, maybe you could sell them the yarn you have to finance the yarn you want! (It doesn't count as buying new stash if you paid for it with old stash). There are tons of ways you can use up your old stash (which has already been paid for)! Get creative! Set up a reward system for yourself! For example: You won't buy any new yarn until you have used up at least x amount of your stash. Then you still get to buy new yarn, but you are also using stash yarn! I promise that even though you don't think you have anything to knit in your stash, if you get really desperate, you'll find something to do with your stash!

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