Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tip # 5: More is less!

Buy in bulk! I know it never seems like you are saving when you pay the bill at big bulk stores, but if you buy the things you use the most of, and your non-perishable items in bulk, you will be paying less per pound or item, and it will lighten the bill for your more frequent trips. The same works for yarn wholesalers. If you just don't need 24 cans of cream of mushroom soup, or 30 skeins of cashmere silk yarn (though I can't imagine ever not needing that much cashmere silk) find a friend and split the bill! If you know several people who all want to order from the same website, put it all together and save on shipping! A lot of times too, if you order large shipments, the dsitributor will give a discount, or free shipping. Trust me, more is less!


  1. not to be picky--just a comment. i noticed that you have a borders card. you have to spend $25 to join so if you join a club like that you have to make sure that you go there often enough that you do get the cost back in savings.

  2. Amelia- Im not sure if this is different in different places, but where I am, the Borders card is free. It is the Barnes and Noble card that costs. For me, the Borders card is only awesome! But you are right that if you join any club that will cost money to sign up, make sure you will save more than the price to join!