Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Podcast Episode 1!

Shownotes for my very first podcast!

The show can be downloaded at, Right click the link and choose download, then open the file in your music player! If you just want to listen from your computer, go to and click the little button that looks like a circle with a box on it and says "pod" inside! The show is now searchable in iTunes, under KnitCents (one word, no spaces). Enjoy!

~Welcome to the show!
-My hopes and dreams for the podcast
-About me!
~Sponsor for January!
Sunset Fibers
-Check out all their beautiful rovings, yarns, and kits! Their 2010 colors have just been released!
~ What I'm knitting
-Molly's Headband from 2009 Interweave Accessories
out of JoAnn Sensations Kashmira yarn. 100% wool. Total cost for project: about $3
~ What I'm spinning
- Sunset Fibers Corriedale! Going to grow up to be some socks for my Gramma! Cost, about $14 for 4oz
~Contest: Check back next week!
-Yarn sales
* Discontinued colors, most about $2 off!
* end of the year free shipping! 42% off Malabrigo Chunky Coupon Code malabrigo in the check out!
* Debbie Bliss yarns on sale for about 40% off!
- Sales elsewhere
*Target: end of the year, discounts up to 75% in every department!
* Safeway: New Year's party sales! Entertaining type foods for your awesome New Year's party! Go to for your local ad!
~ Tips of the Week:
-Turn down the heat! (See December blog page)
-Bartering! (Again, see earlier in the blog)
- Tip from Yarnmonger on Ravelry: Buy yarn in cone form! Much less expensive for a lot more yarn!
~No DIY section this week! Sorry!
~ Worth It!
-JoAnn Sensations Kashmira yarn
*only $5.99 a ball
* doesn't pill
* not splitty
* no knots
* Lots of different color options, both solids and variegated and self striping
* Often on sale for 2 for $8
* Great for felting!
*Only available in sport weight
* Not machine washable
* Sometimes has tangles in ball- make sure you wind into ball before you use it!
Overall: Worth it!

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