Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tip # 2: Bartering!

Ok, since it is now technically 12:09am in my time zone, it is a new day, and therefore, you get a new tip! Tip # 2: barter! I know that the taxman doesn’t approve, but you have a skill, and other people have skills. Maybe you could work out something with your hairstylist or a local restaurant! (These are things I have done in the past, or am currently doing). I am a licensed massage therapist, and right now I have trades with a local cafe where I get free food, I am working off several hours of free tattoo work, I do regular trades with my hairstylist, and I just brought up the subject of a trade to the guy who is teaching my acrobatics class! People who have skills are going to be interested in your skills! Don’t be discouraged if someone says no, because there will always be someone who says yes! The best tips I can offer in this situation are these: stay local. Chain companies can not give you free product in exchange for a knitted hat. However, your local yarn shop might be willing to give you some yarn if you knit up a test pattern for them! Or maybe you could work out some cleaning work in exchange for getting your house painted! Do you do great design work? Maybe you could create an ad flyer and get free swag in exchange! We as a culture have gotten away from bartering, and it is really something we should all try to get back to! Technically, according to the IRS and all those super awesome fun people, we aren’t supposed to barter unless we assign a monetary value for our received services and/or goods, and then pay taxes on it, but sshhh. I won’t tell if you don’t.

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